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Saturday, December 28, 2013

College Bowl Season! - Ghetto Trash Apparel Bowl

     It's college football bowl time and today is a match-up personifying the pinnacle of Assholedom:  Notre Dame football playing in Yankee Stadium. I settled in to watch this useless bowl game sponsored by a company that makes ugly hats worn by gang-banger wannabes in the suburbs.  Oh snaps!  Do u playz 4 da Decepticons? 
There are too many programs who struggled for mediocrity being showcased nationally now that seventy teams get the chance to play in the currently thirty-five bowl games.  Considering that there are 125 teams in the FBS, more than half make a bowl game regardless of performance.  There's no better evidence of this than opponent of college football's most overrated team in history.  Here's some "highlights" that put Rutgers in a bowl game:
  • A 6-6 overall record, going 2-5 in its last seven games!
  • No wins against a team with a winning record
  • One of the six wins came against FCS Norfolk State who went 3-8
  • Finished 3-5 in their own conference
It's clear that Rutgers was pretty undeserving of a bowl game based on these results.  To be fair, there were six other teams with only a .500 record that were rewarded for equally unimpressive seasons.  My point isn't how bad Rutgers is but rather why such a school that bathes itself in "history" and "prestige" would accept to play in such a lower-tier bowl game against an inferior opponent?  It's because the Notre Dame head coach, who is a purple-faced, student murdering cunt, needs to end the season with an easy win.


     It's bad enough these fucking frauds hacked their way into the BCS Championship game giving hall of fame cocksucker Nick Saban another title for what turned into a practice scrimmage against third-stringers but it's another to think that this team deserves to be part of the National Championship "conversation" year-in-and-year-out when it schedules fucking daisies like Navy and Purdue every year.  Regardless of what I think, you would expect Notre Dame to blow the doors off of Rutgers, right?  The score at halftime: tied at 13.  A team that every year has one of the top ten recruiting classes in the nation, including a number three ranking going into this season, can only manage to score thirteen points against a team that gave up at least fifty points in three games this year.  Not surprisingly the ESPN enablers came to the defense of college football's protected class and made every excuse imaginable for their poor play including the "not playing up to your opponent" bullshit.  Notre Dame accepted this invite and they knew damn well who they were playing.  The question is why didn't they accept another game with a team more their supposed caliber?  It's because their 2-11 record in bowl games since 1994 proves to the college football world who they really are.  Fighting Irish?  More like Fleeing Chickenshits. 

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